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Sex After 60 For Men: How To Revive Your Sex Drive

sex after 60

When you were 20, all you probably thought about was sex, and your other responsibilities, such as school or work.

As you got older, you most likely settled down with your one true love and started your own family.

Life got busy, so you may have lost that spark inside the bedroom.

You could blame it on the kids, your job, your constantly-tired wife, and even stress.

However, one thing is for sure: you don’t have to give up on sex just because you got older.

12 Common Culprits for Sexual Issues in Older Men

culprits for sexual issues in older men

With aging comes changes in the body and bodily functions, whether you like it or not.

With aging and whatever lifestyle you choose also come medical conditions, too.

True enough, aging can also involve the body deteriorating process, unless you live healthy.

There’s a famous saying that goes, “Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

The simple reality of that statement cannot be truer.

As you grow old, how you treat your body when you were younger will definitely show.

Many of the reasons for sexual issues in men are caused by lifestyle choices and diseases.

If you do a root cause analysis, most of it, if not all will boil down to the kind of lifestyle you choose to live.

Sexual problems are not fun.

Not being able to make love anymore, witnessing a dying sex life or not even being able to pleasure yourself is all too dreadful.

But, as dreadful as it sounds, sex problems may be treatable.

The key is discovering the main cause and then treating it effectively.

Here are 12 common culprits for sexual issues in older men:

1. Heart Problems

heart problems

There are obviously other things to be worried about if you are diagnosed with a heart problem, but just so you are fully aware of the medical side effects of this condition, you should know that heart problems also cause limpness and lower sex drive.

In fact, the two issues are closely associated with each other due to blood flow.

If you have trouble getting wood, it could lead to problems with your heart.

One way or the other, heart problems can cause sexual issues, or sexual issues may be a sign of heart problems.

Some medications for heart disease can cause limpness, as well, so if you take them and have issues, talk to your doctor.

They can change your meds or decrease the dosage.

2. Health Issues


Your health is your most prized possession and if anything goes wrong, it will show.

It will show on your weight, on your skin and yes, and on your sexual abilities, as well.

There are several medical conditions – most of them are lifestyle diseases – that can be a cause of impotency for men.

One is diabetes, when your blood sugar becomes irregular and the needed amount for your reproductive organs is not supplied.

Another is hypertension, or high blood pressure, which can alter your blood flow altogether. 

Arthritis can also be a cause of impotency due to the irregular amount of uric acid distributed in the blood.

These are only a few of the many other medical conditions that can cause sexual impotency.

3. Obesity


There are two possible reasons how obesity can cause sexual impotence in men.

First is the most obvious, how a man’s mental perspective on sex declines when he is overweight.

True enough, obesity can decrease one’s self confidence and even reduce their sexual desires.

The second one is the blood chemistry which will develop a large amount of fat deposits in it, which can alter the normal surge of blood down there, making it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.

4. Prostate Issues

prostate cancer affects sex

When a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, either his prostate is surgically removed, resulting in a lifetime of impotence, in the sense that he will not longer have the ability to reproduce. 

Another is that prostate cancer, with the cancer cells involved, can affect the sperm reproduction and testosterone levels in the body.

All this can cause sexual impotence.

Take note, however, that this case does not solely affect older men.

No matter what the age, prostrate problems can affect a man’s sex life.

5. Post-Surgery Problems

post surgery problem

Prostatectomy is the surgical process of removing a man’s prostate either due to cancer or other possible medical causes.

The prostate is where the sperm cells are reproduced and housed until they are released.

Removal of this organ means the sperm cells are displaced or they will just cease to exist.

This will result to impotence, in the sense that men will not be able to make a baby anymore.

Also, after surgery, medications and treatments can include chemicals that can cause a lifetime of impotence.

Other common surgeries require time to heal and can affect a man’s libido and ability to have erections.

Many men take pain meds following surgery, which leads us to the next reason for impotency.

6. Taking Medications

taking medication for sex

It’s true that there are plenty of medications that can cure impotence.

These medications can be of great help for older men.

However, there are also medications that can do the exact opposite.

Not only will some medical conditions make you sexually impotent, apparently, the medications you take can also make you impotent.

One popular form of medication that can affect your sexual potency greatly are anabolic steroids.

This type of steroid is known to have major side effects on your hormones, particularly your testosterone levels.

Too much steroid use can lead to early impotence and erectile dysfunction.

7. Alcoholism


While we commonly see younger men in the bar regularly drinking alcohol, it is the older men who have higher rates of alcoholism and alcohol dependency.

The explanation is quite simple.

Older men have developed a habit out of working during the day and then drinking alcohol at night.

As much as drinking alcohol is a health hazard to your body and mind, it is also a threat to your sexual health.

Too much alcohol in your body can change the course of your blood chemistry, blood flow and hormones, which can have negative side effects on your sexual state.

8. Lighting Up

no smoking

Smoking is bad, and everyone knows that.

Smoking can give you cancer, can kill your healthy cells, can weaken your lungs and it can also make you sexually impotent.

The basic and most simple truth is that smoking is overall dangerous for your health.

This is especially true for older men, who – no intention of criticism here – may potentially have weaker defenses than younger men.

Smoking can also kill your sperm cells and decrease sperm production.

Therefore, the diseases that you can catch from this horrific form of vices can affect your sexual potency and make you sexually impotent for the rest of your life.

9. Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

Sexual impotencies are not all physical and medical conditions.

Yes, a majority can spring from medical cases, but there are also other factors to consider when a man is diagnosed with sexual impotency.

One possible cause is a person’s emotional stability.

Emotional issues with your partner, your family, your job and your life can affect your emotional stability, which can also have an effect on your blood flow, resulting in problems with erections and eventually, sexual impotency.

Emotional issues are quite common for older men due to the fact they have been through and have seen a lot in life.

10. Depression

depression old man

Depression cases range from young teens, all the way up to older people. 

Although older people have more open minds, and therefore are lesser prone to depression – or shall we say they have moved on from any bitterness – there are still a significant percentage of the senior population that go through depression.

Depression can also be a cause of sexual impotency because, according to psychology, the neurons in the brain are affected.

These are vital in the reproduction of the sex hormone known as testosterone.

Therefore, the domino-effect results in a high possibility of sexual impotence for men.

11. Stress


Stress can affect men of any age; however, stress is common in older men due to several reasons.

They can be much more knowledgeable on the tasks at hand, and if they don’t get exactly what they need, it causes stress.

Older men sometimes lack the patience, which adds to their stress, also.

Problems with the family, with their partners, their health, money or their jobs can be a source of stress.

Stress can affect a man’s emotional stability.

It can also affect their testosterone reproduction, since stressing out would mean their energy is worn out constantly.

If this regularly happens, the possibility of your hormones not being able to reproduce to their normal rates is highly probable, and this can lead to impotence.

12. Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleeping is a vital part of a person’s daily routine, men and women alike.

For older men, sleeping is important because is it one way to replenish your energy and make sure that your body functions properly. 

A lack of sleep or sleep disorders can affect a man’s health in magnitudes.

It can make the body frail and weak, because the body repairs itself during sleep.

The body also produces testosterone while you sleep.

A lack of sleep can also decrease the reproduction of healthy cells which can have a chain effect that can result to medical problems, one of them being sexual impotence.

The truth is, we will all age, but it is possible to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible just by following a healthy way of living.

You can do something to fight aging and prolong your sex life.

All you need to do is to eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.

Be proactive, too.

If you start to feel depressed or anxious, or experience ED, talk to your doctor to find out the cause and start a treatment program.

11 Cool Strategies to Stay Hot for Sex After 60

hot sex after 60

You might ask, how can someone maintain the same vigor and energy in bed in your 20’s when you’re 60 or older?

Here’s the truth: it also depends on you and your willingness to bring the spark back in the bedroom.

Sex after 60 is not a myth.

Believe it or not, there are couples past the golden line who still have the best sex of their lives.

It may be difficult, considering the physical changes you have gone through, but there are couples who are able to get by quite nicely.

Don’t worry.

Here are tips to help you get back on the sex track.

1. Be Healthy

Fruits and veggies

This is the number one rule you need to remember as soon as you near old age.

It is common for older people to experience various health issues.

The unhealthier you are, the more problematic your sex life can be.

The good news is, there are ways you could combat those illnesses and diseases and make your sex life exciting.

Having foods that increase sex stamina are always a good place to start.

Take fruits and veggies as nutrition staples, but don’t forget to take your whole grains, good carbs, lean protein and the right amount of fat.

It can make a lot of difference down there.

2. Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

healthy no smoking

Aside from good nutrition, your lifestyle also affects your sex life in a big way.

Therefore, make an effort to exercise regularly.

You don’t have to go to the gym and enroll in expensive classes, unless that is your preference. 

Brisk walking or biking around the neighborhood is a good place to start.

It also encourages proper blood flow down south, which is what you will need in case the situation calls for it.

Also, kick those bad habits.

You probably did enough damage when you were younger.

Now that you’re 60, it could be a good time to cut down or even stop drinking and quit smoking.

It harms your overall sexual function and contributes to serious medical conditions.

3. Don’t Hate, Just Communicate

communicate with partner

One of the best things about being 60 is that you know the person you are with better.

This eases any tension and pressure inside the bedroom and makes those sex talks less awkward.

If you want to have a satisfying and pleasurable sex life despite old age, then make sure to talk to your partner about it.

Talk about your concerns, whether it involves the physical changes, medical issues and anything that could affect your mood and performance in bed.

Unresolved arguments or resentments can get in the way of a healthy relationship by affecting your moments of intimacy.

At the same time, tell her what you want.

Now is the perfect time to be comfortable, so make sure you’ll voice out any issues, including how you want to be touched, kissed and held down south.

Your partner is no Professor X.

Even if you two have been together for the longest time, there will always be concerns you need to tell her to make sex a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

4. Experiment

experiment with sex

Who says sex after 60 is all about doing it missionary style?

Of course not.

This may be the easiest and most convenient way to do the deed. 

However, it could get dull and boring, and make sex less exciting.

This is where your book of sex positions hidden at the back of your closet comes in.

Browse through the pages and see if there is something you could work on.

Agree on one position per night and you will eventually find a position that could add more oomph in your sex life.

Just make sure you will stay away from awkward, injury-prone positions to avoid a trip in the emergency room.

5. Be Creative

be creative for sex

Trying different positions is one way to add more sizzle to your sex life.

However, you have to go past that to stay hot for life and get you both in the mood.

What Does This Mean?

Be creative – in initiating sex, while inside the bedroom, after sex and even in getting her in the mood. 

Try making handwritten love or erotic notes, read her a love poem, plan a getaway just for you two, have sex in the morning or in the shower, act out one sexual fantasy at a time, and be spontaneous.

Use your imagination.

6. It’s Not Just About Sex

not just about sex

Here’s another good thing about sex after 60: it goes beyond the physical aspect.

Boobs and butts may still matter, but you no longer confine your idea of “sexy” to these two entities.

In case you are not in the mood for some action, try other sexy activities that don’t involve penetration but the pleasure is still intact.

Consider oral sex, giving each other a full body massage – with lots of oil, caressing each other, or manual sex.

The important thing is to look for ways that make bedroom sessions more pleasurable even without getting inside her.

7. Just Do It

older couple sex

Here’s another truth you have to face: getting old means having hormonal issues, which affects your sex life in a major way.

Any hormonal imbalance could make you want sex less, especially for women. 

This is why many people refer to this stage as a death of your sex life.

The less you have, the less you want it, but the more sex you want, the more you want it.

That’s how the libido works.

How do you address it?

Just have sex, even if you are not in the mood.

If you wait for your “I’m in the mood” button to knock at your door, then sex will happen once in a blue moon.

If you start to get aroused, the desire for sex will follow.

This is why it is also important to schedule sexy sessions at least once a week to keep the ball rolling.

8. Maintain Physical Affection

maintain physical affection

How many times do you kiss your ladylove, touch her hand, or give her a hug in one day?

Physical affection – and maintaining it – is crucial in keeping both your love and sex life exciting.

Unfortunately, the lack of it spells trouble – and it’s not a good thing.

Therefore, kiss her.

It could be a quick kiss on the cheeks, a passionate kiss, a sloppy one, or a kind of kiss that makes her long for something as long as you kiss her.

Don’t forget to give her a hug, touch her hand and even cuddle with her before going to bed.

The more you maintain a physical connection, the better your relationship will be in the long run.

9. Say Hello To Lube And Sex Toys

When you were younger, you seldom needed the help of lube or sex toys, since you were more physically able.

Now that you are older, you might want to consider these two for better sexual experiences. 

Keep in mind that the 60’s could be problematic for women and their area down there.

Vaginal dryness is also a major issue, which is why you need lube within reach to make sex more comfortable and less painful.

At the same time, sex toys could spell a big difference inside the bedroom.

As you get older, the more challenging it will be to keep you aroused for the next hour of your life.

Therefore, you will need an endless supply of stimulants down there to make sure you will last longer.

Take a trip to the sex toy store, or for more privacy, just shop online.

You could find tons of sex toys according to your needs and preference.

If you can’t decide, start with vibrator and slowly add more items to your stash.

10. Schedule That Checkup

schedule checkup

Did you know that there are various medical conditions that can affect your sexual function?

Consequently, you may also need to take medications, which also disturb your desire for sex. 

In that case, you need to go to a doctor, undergo examinations and checkups to make sure you are fine.

Unfortunately, old age is the time where different medical issues start knocking at your door.

Even if you feel healthy now, that doesn’t mean you will be healthy for the next five or 10 years.

Hence, schedule that checkup to see if there are any medical issues or concerns you need to address now.

This could save your sex life, too.

11. Have Fun

sex is fun

Sex is fun, period.

Whether you’re 30 or 60, sex is supposed to give you the best pleasure you will experience.

Don’t even get started with orgasm and oral sex because it will lead you to a different dimension.

Apparently, you will meet lots of bumps and challenges as you get older, which could affect your sex life in a negative way.

As you get older, sex becomes more challenging.

Still, 60 shouldn’t be the death of your sex life.

There are many ways you could deal with bedroom issues and it all boils down to your willingness to get your sex life back.

When you feel like giving up, always remember this: sex is fun.

Don’t focus on penetration, orgasm and all the other physical aspects of it.

It should also be about establishing a strong connection and making the most inside the bedroom, regardless of how old you are.

It’s Not Always About Humping.

VigRX Plus Supplement

If you’ve tried different positions and mastered the Kama Sutra during your younger years, you can surely think of ways to bring the sexy back in the bedroom.

Remember that sex is not always about humping, screaming on top of your lungs and getting your juices all over her face.

Change things up like having sex in the morning, extending foreplay or trying new and different positions.

At the same time, talk to your partner and be open with the changes happening in your body.

By keeping the communication lines open, you’ll be able to get your groove back in bed a la 20-year-old. Really.

You may not have the sex drive and manhood, or the god-like performance of rocker sex god, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame.

Still, your sex life is not yet over.

If you want to bring your swag back in the bedroom, then try VigRX Plus.

This male enhancement pill is made of high-quality ingredients to make sure you can get your man up in just 84 days.

Finally, you can have that all-day sex with your partner, even if you are 60 or older.