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9 Myths of Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra

Sorry Google.

Despite giving us the best articles about the hottest positions every couple should do to make sex more exciting, nothing beats the good ol’ Kama Sutra, aka the sex bible.

Sex has and will always be a part of every being in this planet.

Hence, it won’t come as a surprise when people of the ancient times have written tons of rules about lovemaking.

When it comes to this department, Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu text, takes the throne.

The term “Kama” means sensual pleasure or desire, while “Sutra” means a collection of verses.

Scholars believe that Kama Sutra is a collection of stories passed down from one generation to another until Vatsyayana compiled it into a single book centuries ago. 

It was only in 1800s when Sir Richard Burton translated this book in English for easier reference.

Today, the Kama Sutra has been the go-to guide for many people when it comes to sex.

It is complete with description, illustrations and everything you need to know about matters between the sheets.

Because of its popularity, tons of myths surround this book, too. 

Here are nine common misconceptions about the Kama Sutra.

Let’s find out the truth behind them, shall we?

1. The Kama Sutra Is All About Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Okay, fine.

The Kama Sutra does offer not just a variety, but also the best sex positions to make your sex life even more exciting.

In fact, sex positions are endless and you will never run out of options to try.

That’s the main purpose of this book, isn’t it?

However, the Kama Sutra is more than just providing you with the most outrageous sex positions in the planet that can put even the animals to shame.

It covers the many factors of love and sex, starting from preparing both of your bodies for lovemaking, to 69 positions of lovemaking, right up to the importance of after play.

However, this is only a portion of the entire book.

There are other sections, which cover more than just sex.

In other words, the sex positions are only a portion of what this book aims to address.

After all, sex is not just about doing dog style or woman on top, right?

2. Kama Sutra Is Only For Men

Kama Sutra Is Only For Men

Gender equality right here, guys.

Indians have a caste system, but when it comes to matters of life and sex, women, for them, should not be left behind. 

Therefore, this book is not only for the guys, but also for women.

Women should also be educated about the difference between constructive and destructive carnal desires to save themselves from the negative effects of sexual life.

And yes, women should have substantial knowledge of the Kama Sutra even before they say, “I do”.

3. The Kama Sutra Is Only For The Sex Experts


Most people think that they only deserve this book when they become experts of sex.

Of course not.

If the Kama Sutra is exclusively for those who have a degree in Sex Education, then only a few people can get this book – which is not the aim of whoever came up with these techniques.

The truth is that the Kama Sutra is for everyone.

Why would Vatsyayana turn this into a book if it were meant only for a few, privileged and sexually-educated people?

It’s not just they who have sex, right?

Even normal people do it as part of their everyday lives.

As a matter of fact, the purpose of this ancient Hindu text is to encourage closeness with your partner and eventually help you improve not just your sex life but also your relationship as a whole.

4. The Kama Sutra Can Help You With Your Sexual Performance

Sexual Performance

Partly yes, but again, this Hindu text is more than just that.

In fact, it translates even deeper than trying out various sex positions. 

Here’s a fact: The Kama Sutra also helps other components of your life aside from sex.

Sure, the main purpose is to provide you with variety of positions you can try with your girl.

However, there is much more to it than that.

Believe it or not, this ancient Hindu text also promotes the expression of love in the most creative manner possible.

It encourages displays of affection, even in the simplest way possible, such as biting one’s ear or the act of hugging. 

The Kama Sutra believes that intimacy with your partner not only improves your relationship in and out of the bedroom, but it also help you express your emotions to make you a well-rounded person.

5. The Kama Sutra Is Only For Couples Who Want To Spice Up Their Sex Life

Spice Up Their Sex Life

Okay, this may be true, but again, the idea is not conclusive.

The Kama Sutra is often associated to sex and sex positions to help you bring something new to the table.

If you find your sex life boring, people will tell you that this ancient text is the answer to your dying sex life.

Well, yes, but not entirely true.

The Kama Sutra aims to bring harmony to your marital life.

By harmony, this means going beyond the matters between the sheets.

Yes, it covers areas of physical lovemaking, but that doesn’t stop there.

Believe it or not, there are chapters in this book that talk about how to choose a wife, the proper behavior between husband and wife, and even how to decorate the house.

In case you’re wondering, there is also a portion on tantric sex, but that’s just a few pages.

So, is it for couples who want a better sex life?

Yes, but not just because you want to try different positions.

There’s more.

6. The Kama Sutra Is Outdated

The Kama Sutra Is Outdated

Says who?

There is a reason why after all these years, this ancient Hindu text is still considered as the bible of sex today.

Sure, there are certain portions, which might be ridiculous to do today but generally speaking, the practice of Kama Sutra is every much applicable even in the modern world.

In fact, it teaches you about all the aspects covering sex and marriage, including keeping things exciting, connecting and achieving intimacy in and out of the bedroom.

Yes, some ideas might be outdated considering that this was written way before the ancestors of your ancestors were born.

Still, how to set the mood for a romantic evening or the use of sensual touches are there.

Plus, how can you become outdated when it comes to sex?

Times may have changed, but the ideas remain the same.

7. You Have To Be A Contortionist To Appreciate The Kama Sutra

unnatural positions

Okay, this one is really funny.

Contortionists are entertainers who are capable of twisting or bending their bodies into strange and often unnatural positions.

If you’ve been to a circus once in your life, then you can see these people who try to fit themselves into a tiny box. 

Fine, some of the illustrations posted in the Kama Sutra may be quite outrageous, but this doesn’t mean you should have a background in circus performance to be able to do it.

And yes, you don’t have to do all the positions in the book, unless you want to injure yourself for trying too hard. 

Some positions are advanced, which needs you need more practice and trust that you and your girl will be able to give justice to that position.

Keep this in mind: this ancient Hindu text does not favor a particular group.

It is not created exclusively for someone to make their sex lives better.

Again, it is a collection of stories passed on from person to person, because they want to impart wisdom on someone, regardless of their background.

In other words, the Kama Sutra is for everyone, regardless of their status in life.

8. The Kama Sutra Is A Manual For Tantric Sex

worshipping each other

Tantric sex was popularized by Sting when he was asked how sex was the night before the interview.

Apparently, he got it all wrong. 

To start with, tantric sex is about worshipping each other.

It’s more of a mental approach, and not techniques, to help you last longer in bed.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra is not just about tantric sex.

The truth is, there are number of practices related to Hindu Tantra, which you can apply in the bedroom.

However, this ancient text does not explain how these sexual rites relate to tantric sex.

Believe it or not, you can’t even find a section in the book with “Tantric Sex” as its heading.

9. The Kama Sutra Is Not A Way Of Life

love and sex

Since the Kama Sutra is often associated with sex-only purposes, it also follows that the Kama Sutra is just a book of different sexual positions, and not a way of life.

Apparently not.

Based on the Indian-Hindu wisdom, the human life serves a three-pronged goal:

  1. Good dharma or social duty.

  2. Useful artha, which covers material possessions and earthly well-being.

  3. Pleasant Kama, or love and sex.

According to the Kama Sutra, all of these aspects are of equal importance to maintain balance in human life.

In other words, it’s not about sex all the time.

It’s only the tip of what you are expected and trained to do as a human being.