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Morning Sex Tips: 10 Benefits Of Having Wake Up Sex

Wake Up Sex

Waking up each morning next to the woman you love is a great way to start your day.

You cuddle and whisper sweet words to each other before you start another day and you share your body heat to fight the early morning chill.

Women love cuddles as much as men love to get a hard on every morning.

But there’s a far better way to spend your mornings in bed.

Morning sex is the best kind of good morning greeting that you can get, in so many ways.

You and your partner are both groggy, gentle and everything is just downright honest and calm before the craziness of the day sets in.

All that put together and you have yourself an intimate morning that can make your day awesome before you even get up.

If you’re not a morning person, sure enough, morning sex can make you change your ways.

You may even start setting your alarm an hour earlier, just to get as much time with her in bed as you can.

Wild and hardcore sex at night can wear you out, but good old morning sex will rev up your morning and get you going for the day, just like vitamins.

Here are 10 mind blowing morning wake up sex tips that explain why it’s good to get jiggy with it as the dawn breaks:

1. The “ASG”

look fresh and younger

The after-sex glow, or more commonly known as ASG, is something that can make you look fresh and younger, even with less sleep.

Though it may not be an actual glow and there are really no scientific facts for the whole ASG phenomenon, the light and positive feeling that you get after an intimate sex with your partner will show on your face and also in your body language.

Take that after-sex glow with you after a morning wake up nookie,and you’ve got yourself a glowing aura the whole day.

You’ll be going around your office wearing a smile, looking forward to another private, sexy time with your partner and getting another dose of ASG.

2. Morning Sex Can Be Your Exercise

Morning Sex Can Be Your Exercise

Morning sex is not just something that can pleasure you and your partner.

It can also benefit you physically.

You already know this: sex can burn calories.

An 24 minute sex alone can burn 100 calories.

That means more sex, the more calories you burn.

So, in addition to your before-sleep sex, middle of the night sex, middle of the day sex and any other time of the day sex that you have, morning sex can be a smart addition to your routine and daily exercise.

Morning sex can substitute for your morning jog.

If you are to choose between running around or getting laid, and you get the same benefits, it’s a no-brainer.

Screw the gym!

Instead of you jogging around your neighborhood just to burn those calories and keep your heart rate healthy, you can stay within the comfort of your room and stay healthy with your partner.

3. You’re Inspired Throughout The Day

more productive

Statistics show that an average man thinks about sex three times a minute.

So, if you’re going to think about sex the whole day, at least give your imagination something good to think about.

Good inspiration can make you work harder and make you more productive – all sex thoughts aside – and every task can just be easy going.

Morning sex can give you a positive and relaxed mind throughout the day.

This is supported scientifically.

Endorphins released during orgasm triggers positive emotions that can last for a whole day.

This will make you feel light and happy, thus giving you the energy to accomplish more tasks.

4. You’re Already Half Naked

Half Naked

You may be half naked, or already totally naked, depending on how you fell asleep the previous night.

So, you are practically ready to have sex.

No need to go through the motions of taking off yours and your partner’s clothes – which is also a sexy part of foreplay, but hey, this is morning sex and you’re both still too lazy to do anything more than just get it on.

So, since you woke up half naked or totally naked already, then you’re ready to go.

Just a little shift of your body and you can have a good old, lazy morning sex.

Any time now.

5. “Just Woke Up” Cuddles Are Sweet And Intimate

just woke up cuddles

Nothing beats the warmth and comfort of an early morning sweet and intimate moment between you and your partner.

So before the sex – or even after it – the “just woke up” cuddle time can also make your mornings warm and will make getting up easier to do.

You and your woman can talk about anything, whisper sweet nothings to each other – all while kissing, hugging, touching and exchanging body heat.

Is that tempting or what?

You’ll be so into the moment that getting up can be easier, but staying in bed all day will be a real temptation.

6. Morning Sex Confirms Your Affection

morning sex

We all have that morning look.

Admit it; no one wakes up looking like Barbie or Ken.

You wake up will all your hair tousled up and you probably have drool.

Not a good sight to see.

Except for someone who does not mind how you look.

Morning sex can affirm how you feel for each other, if you’re deep into the relationship thing.

It means you don’t mind how messed up your partner looks.

You just want to make love and feel her body pressed up against you.

Instead of just sleeping together where you don’t have to be conscious about how you look, morning wake up sex is raw and exposes your true nature.

This is also an added factor for you to decide if your partner is someone you would want to wake up with every morning with for the rest of your life.

Talk about serious business and long term stuff later, though.

7. Skip The Coffee, Drink Her Juice

skip coffee , drink her juice

Okay, this one is metaphorical but you get what it means.

Instead of ingesting yourself with caffeine to keep you up all day, drink her juice.

Morning sex – and everything it entails – can keep you up and going all day.

Endorphins that are released during climax can leave you feeling positive and energetic.

It doesn’t substitute for an actual coffee, of course, but you can take your coffee any time of the day.

For mornings, there’s only one type of beverage to drink – her love juice.

8. It Can Be A Quickie

Shower sex quickie

As much as you want to cuddle and stay in bed longer, sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of time.

Not a problem.

Morning sex can be a quickie and time-saving for both of you.

Shower sex is appealing, too, but sex on the bed is still the best way to go.

Hard and fast sex – no offense meant gentlemen – will have to do, for now.

Of course, you can have more sex during the day and night, but if you don’t have the time to stay for a slow, easy sex, a well positioned quickie can still be mind blowing.

9. You’re Already Hard When You Wake Up


Studies show that average and healthy men wake up with a hard on.

This is mostly because of a dream that they had or a morning muscle reflex.

Morning hard-ons are hard as wood, thus its name “morning wood.”

You have your morning wood, so you’re already halfway there.

She likes the feeling of your hardness pressed up against her, especially knowing that she is responsible for that hardness and that she will have to ride it.

Put that morning boner to use and make love to your woman like it’s your morning air.

10. Start Your Day With The Big “O”

Give your lady a little action

Who doesn’t want to jumpstart their day with a strong, luscious orgasm?

An orgasm is just downright great for the body and the mind in so many ways.

It’s an experience that you want to prolong and feel over and over again, at any time of the day if you’re given the chance.

Now put that big “O” first thing in the morning and jumpstart your day with an explosive orgasm.

Sounds good, right?

That’s pleasure when you wake up and start your day.

That will keep you inspired, energetic and positive the entire day.

An orgasm taken as your vitamins for the day – not bad, huh?

Morning sex can actually be beneficial to you and your partner in many ways…

Your relationship gets stronger, you get healthier, you are more inspired, leading to future successes, and you can put your morning wood to great use, after all.

Kissing and cuddling can be intimate, but morning sex tops all “good mornings.”

So, hit that snooze button and shut off that alarm.

Give your lady a little action and kick start your day with an orgasmic explosion.