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Everything You Want to Know About the Science of Attraction

science of attraction

Attraction works in mysterious ways.

You can never really tell why a certain person is more attractive than the others.

You might be able to present few reasons as to why you like and are attracted to a particular person.

If you think about the time when you first laid eyes on that person; did you really evaluate all these reasons before finding yourself drawn to that person?

It almost feels like an invisible force that makes us attracted to certain members of the opposite sex.

For many years, studies have tried to look more into the science of attraction and it has unveiled some interesting explanations.

The Thing About Physical Attraction

physical attraction

Physical attraction is a built-in feature humans have.

This makes attraction a biological process and therefore can be called the biology of attraction.

It is a complex task that the brain undertakes to find us the right person to mate with.

Here are some traits in a person that your brain takes into account while calculating the attractiveness of a person.

These traits help to explain the psychology of attraction scientifically.

Here are some traits in a person that your brain takes into account while calculating the attractiveness of a person.

These traits help to explain the psychology of attraction scientifically.

1. The Symmetry of Physique- The Key to Sex Appeal

sex appeal

The universal standard of beauty comes from the symmetry of the human body.

This is true for humans from all races and even in the animal kingdom.

The science of physical attraction is based on the belief that a human will find only a symmetrical body beautiful and therefore more attractive.

In the early 20th century, a mathematician from Harvard, George David Birkhoff developed a formula for determining the beauty of something like a work of art.

Birkhoff’s mathematical formula was based on symmetry.

According to him, something is aesthetically appealing if it is highly symmetrical.

The bodies of animals and humans are meant to have a bilateral symmetry.

This means, if you divide the body from head to toe, the parts formed would be mirror images of each other.

Scientists think that the bilateral symmetry in animals and humans may have evolved for a reason since it is so prevalent.

One of the reasons may be that bilateral symmetry is easier for the brain to perceive.

This is why females are said to prefer males who have bilaterally symmetrical sexual ornaments.

A peacock with longer and more symmetrical tail feathers will attract a greater number of peahens.

It works the same way for the opposite sex too, as per the science of attraction for men.

There is a correlation between symmetry and health.

For instance, studies show that men with asymmetric faces tend to be depressed, anxious, suffer from headaches and digestive problems.

Women having asymmetric faces exhibit emotional instability and depression.

This may be the reason why nature chose to rely on symmetry for reproduction.

The fact that your brain likes symmetry and makes you drawn to it is evident by the following:

  • Most movie stars and sports persons have huge fan followings. They are termed as the most attractive people.

  • The plastic surgery business is thriving as more and more people now choose to opt for it. Nose jobs and smile correction are extremely common.

  • Studies show that women tend to have more orgasms when partnered with men who have symmetrical bodies.

  • Women with symmetrical breasts are more fertile than those who are not so evenly endowed.

Facial and body symmetry can convey agreeableness, conscientiousness and extroversion.

That is why, good looking people find it easier to attract people and have admirers.

2. People Fall in Love with the Way You Smell

pheromones and sweat

Pheromones are a type of chemical that your body secretes along with sweat and other bodily fluids.

Pheromones contain a scent.

It is nature’s way of signaling suitable mates of our sexual availability.

Animals secrete pheromones and so do humans.

According to the science of human attraction, human pheromones contain compounds like:

  • Androstenone
  • Androstadienone
  • Androstenol

These components of human pheromones are associated with sexual attraction.

The Scientific Experiment

In a scientific experiment, women were given the unpleasant task of smelling sweaty undershirts of some men.

Turned out, women could tell which of the men were more symmetrical and therefore more attractive.

Similarly, men can detect whether a woman is fertile or not by the way she smells.

During a woman’s cycle on the days she is most fertile, she gives off a scent that is attractive to men.

The way she smells changes during her fertile periods just as her face changes to lure men to her.

Pheromones play a significant part in human mate choice.

In fact, some scientists believe that our vision may even be overpowered at times by our sense of smell when choosing a mate.

Your levels of pheromones can fall due to the use of oral contraceptives or your obsession with cleanliness.

But scientists argue that no matter how much perfumes, deodorants and colognes you apply, your sense of smell is still strong enough to detect pheromones.

3. An Attractive Voice May Mean a Good Mate

attractive voice

What can be sexier than a man with a deep and clear voice?

The fact is, just as symmetry and smell indicate a person’s health, so does the voice.

Good looking men often have a deep voice.

Voice can tell a lot about a person’s physical characteristics.

A study conducted in 2002 showed that people are able to rightly connect a voice to the picture of the person almost 75 percent of the times.

Not just this, voice quality can also tell you about the person’s physical outline.

A good male voice correlates to a good shoulder-to-hip ratio.

In the same way, a good female voice means the woman has a good waist-to-hip ratio.

It can be said that since testosterone affects both voice and physical appearance in men, a man’s deep voice means good muscle mass and fitness.

In women, both estrogen and progesterone influence voice and dimensions.

A good voice, therefore, indicates her fertility.

Just as a woman’s pheromones work to attract men on the days she is most fertile, her voice changes too.

A woman’s voice is most attractive when she is ovulating and therefore more active sexually.

This means human voice is capable of undergoing changes due to hormones.

There are other factors that influence how a voice is perceived.

Here are few kinds of voices that people find attractive:

  • Confident voices

  • Bright and enthusiastic voices

  • Voices that are similar to their own

  • Deep voices for men and high-pitched, breathy voices for women

It is difficult to say what kind of voice is the most attractive.

People perceive beauty differently. 

Besides, there are not many things that you can change about your voice.

4. The Shape of Your Body Decides How Attractive You Are

fit man

Just like symmetry, nature has given special abilities to the humans to quickly calculate the bodily measurements of a prospective mate.

Body ratios are markers of masculinity and femininity for both men and women.

Here are the ideal waist-to-hip ratios for men and women that the opposite sex prefers and deems attractive:

  • Ideal waist-to-hip ratio for men: 9:10
  • Ideal waist-to-hip ratio for women: 7:10

Women are attracted to men who are muscular and look strong.

Men prefer women who have slender figures with large breast size.

This way, fat distribution plays a big role in determining a person’s fertility.

For women, body fat can impair a woman’s ability to conceive.

The perfect BMI or Body Mass Index (BMI) of a woman is around 20.85.

You might not be able to do much about your body’s symmetry but you can definitely change your body’s fat distribution and thereby change your body shape.

Here are some ways you can take care of your body’s fat profile:


Resistance training can help reduce fat and tone muscles up.

It especially works wonders on abdominal fat.

Strength training helps increase lean muscle mass while doing cardio exercises can help burn fat and boost metabolism.

Balanced Diet

Along with providing your body with essential nutrients, eating a balanced diet can also boost metabolism, encourage weight loss and decrease abdominal adiposity.

Relaxation Training

Stress can trigger the accumulation of body fat.

Therefore, finding time to unwind can help you to get rid of the protruding belly.

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can help you relax by lowering you stress hormones.

You may increase your sex appeal easily by replacing your unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

A person’s attractiveness depends on the body shape, as body shape has great influence of the person’s reproductive status.

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5. The Science of Attraction – Why Your Face Affects Your Attractiveness

face in science of attraction

Not only body curves, but the science of attraction states that people tend to concentrate on the face too, when it comes to judging your appeal.

There is no scientifically backed reason why certain types of faces are considered attractive; however, you may have noticed that in most cases, a wide jawline is more attractive.

The reason for this is that a wide jawline increases the distance between the eyes that, in turn, makes the eyes quite prominent.

A wide jawline also helps to make the smile more prominent.

Oblong or square face shapes are popularly termed as more attractive.

Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are living examples of attractive people whose jawline is admired by many.

This has been expressed in several science of attraction documentaries.

Men’s General Preference

Take this with a pinch of salt, for reference only.

Each of us are naturally attracted to certain features of the opposite sex.

However, if we are to list a the top common features that most women find attractive, here goes.

When it comes to facial features, most men like women who have:

  • Large eyes

  • High cheekbones

  • Full lips

  • Oval face

  • Small slim nose

  • Arched eyebrows

  • Smooth jawline

Women who have a small distance between their nose and upper lip are considered extremely attractive.

One celebrity whose face fits all the above criteria is Natalie Portman.

She is considered one of the most beautiful faces in the world.

Women’s General Preference

Women, on the other, hand like men who have:

  • Medium, thick eyebrows

  • Slim, straight nose

  • Square jawline

  • Average lips

  • Oval eyes

David Gandy and David Beckham are both considered the most attractive men in the world because they have most of these features.

Facial hair is also considered something that women find attractive in men.

Specific types of beards can have a major impact on how women perceive a man.

In a survey conducted by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior, women rated the stubble as the most attractive of all beards.

The ladies also perceived the men who had full beards to be healthier.

They also scored high if they possessed parenting skills and masculinity.

6. How You Walk Can Determine How Attractive You Are

how you walk can determine how attractive

Men slyly observing a woman who is walking by is not something uncommon.

Attractive women walking down the street make heads turn, not only with their beauty or what they are wearing, but also with the way they walk.

A recent study suggests that a woman’s walk means much more than just an attempt to gain attention.

It can tell a lot about her orgasmic history.

The findings of the study suggest that women who walk with energy, sensuality, fluidity and freedom are more attractive than those that don’t.

These are also the ones who have had a history of vaginal orgasm.

Women who are in sync with their sexual needs and their body tend to be more confident, at ease and have a greater sex appeal.

They are more comfortable in their own skin.

Therefore, they are not inhibited and can give in to the physical sensations during sex which helps them to reach vaginal orgasms easily.

How you walk can tell people how confident you are in and out of the bedroom which, in turn, hints at your fertility.

From a biological standpoint, a fertile man or woman is always more attractive.

7. All You Need is a Smile to Attract Others Towards You

smile to attract others

A smile is an attractive human attribute.

A person who is relaxed, having fun and seems cool to talk to is always more attractive than the one who is brooding, arrogant and standing in the corner.

Every one of us is subconsciously looking for someone who can make us feel good about ourselves, lift our moods and with whom we can have a good time.

A smile reflects that you are approachable.

It shows the people around you that you are a confident and friendly person.

Some benefits of smiling are also reasons behind why a smile is attractive:

  • Smiling Reduces Stress: Smiling helps to lower your body’s stress hormone levels.

    It also helps raise the hormones responsible for enhancing your mood – for both you and the people around you.

  • Smiling is Contagious: A smile is contagious.

    It encourages people to smile back at you.

  • A Smile Shows How You Feel About Others: It conveys to people that you are excited to see them.

  • Smiling Signifies Positivity: Smiling signifies your positive side and positivity attracts people.

A happy face can influence the emotional well-being of a person.

This is why a smiling face is more attractive.

You must always smile broadly at people you want to impress.

And a smile, when coupled with the right body language below, can help to increase your appeal synergistically.

Other Ways To Appear More Attractive

Though non-verbal communication is often under-estimated, it has its mysterious ways of boosting your charisma.

To be more attractive, you must:

  • Always keep a general pleasant expression on your face.

  • Make eye contact with people often.

  • Shake hands firmly and warmly.

  • Smile broadly when meeting someone.

  • Nod and smile in a conversation while making eye contact with the speaker.

Final Thoughts

science of attraction

Your brain wants your body to mate with someone who is not only physically fertile, but also emotionally healthy.

According to the evolutionary theories, all animals including humans want to choose the best genes to produce an offspring with.

Their brains are programmed to constantly evaluate members of the same species around them and get attracted to the ones who possess the best genes.

Also, evolutionary science indicates that since women need protection and care during pregnancy, they find strong and physically, mentally, emotionally and financially stable men more attractive.

On the other hand, because a woman’s fertility is limited, men find young and good-looking women more attractive.

This does not mean you will always get along with the people who you biologically choose.

Rather, our social choices dictate whom we choose to mate with.

The science of love is not related to the science of attraction as the movies show on Netflix.

The science of attraction says that physical attraction will always be dictated by your need to mate.

You are more likely to enjoy sex with someone you find physically attractive.

But the bottom line is…

The people you find physically attractive will always be the one who are good looking, healthy and happy, because attraction is a biological phenomenon built exclusively for the mating game.