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Penis Enhancement Surgery: Options, Risks and Costs

male enhancement surgery

Nowadays, more and more men are looking for ways to increase their penis size.

There are many male enlargement techniques, and one of the most sought after technique is penis enlargement surgery.

It is popular among men, because it provides immediate results.

In this article, find out about the different types of surgeries available and their risks.

Learn more about penis enlargement before and after the surgery to find out if this type of method is worth your risk.

What Are The Different Types of Male Enhancement Surgery?

male enhancement surgery

Male enhancement surgery can help you attain three important things.

These are improved penis curvature, penis enlargement and penis enhancement.

It is important that you have a thorough discussion with your doctor prior to the surgery about the results you are aiming for.

Here are few common types of penis enlargement surgery:

1. Ligament Cutting

Ligament Cutting surgery

Your penis is attached to the pubic bone by ligaments.

In the surgery, these ligaments are cut so that the penis separates from the bone and hangs outside the body.

This increases penile length.

After the surgery you are required to stretch your penis daily with weights to maintain the length.

Stretching the penis prevents the separated ligaments from healing.

If the stretching exercises are not done, over time your penis may return to its original size.

This penis enlargement cost can be anywhere from between five thousands to fifteen thousand dollars.

Risks: According to the American Urological Association (AUA), this surgery has not been shown to be either effective or safe.

Once cut, the ligaments do not provide the same level of stability to the penis.

If the ligaments are cut incorrectly, your erect penis will be unstable or will position itself at odd angles.

Unsuccessful surgery may also increase your chances of impotence.

2. Dermal Grafting

grafting procedure surgery

Another type of penis enlargement surgery is dermal grafting.

Here, tissues are taken from other parts of the body and added to the shaft of the penis.

This increases its girth.

Risks: This surgery can result in serious side effects such as scarring and hair growth on the underside of the penis.

3. Fat Injection

fat injection penis

Fat is taken from other parts of your body such as the buttocks and thighs and injected into the shaft of your penis.

The result is a thicker penis.

As this surgery does not change the head of the penis, the result may be an enlarged shaft with a small head.

Risks: Some men who have undergone this surgery have complained of lumps at the base of the penis.

Also, the results of the surgery are not always permanent.

The fat may diffuse and be absorbed back into the body, making the whole process useless.

Fat injections and dermal graft insertions are complicated procedures and often require a lot of time for surgery and recovery.

In case any complications arise, which may possibly happen, further corrective surgeries are necessary to rectify the problems.

This in turn will cause the penis enlargement cost to increase.

4. Penis Implants

penis implants surgery

The devices implanted in the penis during penis implant surgery are of two types, namely semi-rigid and inflatable penile implants.

These penis implants are unique in the way they function. Each also has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Semi-Rigid Implants

As implied from the name, these types of devices are always firm. When implanted, the penis is always erect.

However, it is usually bent toward the body in order to make it unnoticeable.

But during sex, it is bent away from the body for coitus.

People with limited manual or mental dexterity can easily use semi-rigid implants.

The surgical procedure is also easier than the inflatable surgical procedure. The chance of the implants malfunctioning is very low.

However, the problem is that the penis is always slightly erect during and after sex.

Inflatable Implants

The inflatable implant is a type of penis implant that can be inflated during sexual activity in order to obtain erection.

After sexual activities, it is deflated.

It is the most widely used type of penis implant.

It is available in two types. There are the two-piece and three -piece inflatable devices.

The penis is flaccid when you are not engaging in any sexual intercourse, because it is not inflated.

It can only be erect if the device is inflated. Hence, the erection obtained is more natural.

The penis can come back to the natural state when the device deflates.

However, the surgical procedure is more complex.

There are also chances of some parts of the implants not functioning properly.

What To Expect During A Penis Implant

During the penis implant, you might be placed under anesthesia so that you will not feel the pain during the surgical procedure.

You will be asked to shave your pubic area where the surgery will be performed. This helps to reduce the risk of infection.

Antibiotics will also be given to you in order to prevent the surgery area from getting infected.

Penis implants are available in various sizes, as well.

Your doctor will decide on the right size of the implant to place in your penis by taking your measurements.

You and your doctor will choose the best type of penis implant they will affix in your penis before the surgical procedure starts.

The penile implant surgery does not take much time. The doctor may require about 45 minutes to one hour in order to perform the surgical operation.

At the completion of the penis implants surgery, the surgeon will close the incisions and you will go to the surgery recovery area.

The price of penis enlargement surgery usually depends on the procedure you select, but on the average, the cost of phalloplasty is about a few thousand dollars.

Risks: Men suffering from spinal cord injuries, urinary problems and diabetes are at higher risk from this method.

In some cases, implants may not work.

The site of the implant may become infected and may also break through the skin. It may also injure the surrounding tissues.

Surgery is risky because it involves the male sexual organ.

It can be very expensive.

Below, we discuss the 6 factors that affect your penis enlargement surgery cost.

The 6 Factors That Affect Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

Penis Enlargement Cost

Every penis enlargement surgery carries with it some measure of risk.

And, any operation ends up costing a large sum of money.

Since in many cases, penis enlargement surgery is cosmetic, health insurance companies will not assist the penis enlargement cost.

There are number of factors to consider that can affect the total price of penis enlargement.

These are:

The Desired Size

desired penis size

The cost of penis enlargement surgery depends on the penis size you desire to have.

Your surgeon will discuss all the possibilities of surgery so that you can decide the right size for your penis.

The Surgical Method

surgical tools

The surgical method that you will choose to increase your penis size is another essential factor that decides the total cost of penis enlargement.

Usually, there is penis lengthening and widening surgery and their cost is slightly different from each other.

As you read below, you will have more information on the various types of penis enlargement surgeries and their respective costs.

The Length of Surgery

surgery room

The duration of the surgery is another factor that you should consider when calculating the total penile surgery cost.

Penile enlargement surgery that requires a lot of time in operation room will obviously cost more because more anesthesia is necessary.

In addition, the surgeon will need to reserve the operating room for longer hours.

Use of Advanced Tools

medical tools scope

Your surgeon may charge you extra if more advanced tools are necessary for the procedure.

Moreover, the penis enlargement cost may further rise if there is a need of post-operative care.

The Selected Surgeon


The surgeon you select for the surgery is one of the main factors to consider when calculating total penis enlargement cost.

Surgeons who are more experienced, skilled and certified will charge more for their services, as compared to surgeons who are beginners.

However, you should go for the more experienced and skilled surgeons to avoid any complications.

After all, it’s about the most delicate organ of your body.


hospital building location

The location of the surgeon’s clinic is another important feature to consider when analysing the average penile enlargement cost.

Surgeons who are located in metropolitan cities may charge more than others who are in less-populated cities.

You may want to check in your local clinics and other nearby places to find out the charges of different surgeons.

It is also important to know that your total cost of penis enlargement may increase in case you are traveling to another city for the surgery.

Not to mention, the hotel where you will stay, charges of hospital, traveling fare and other charges will surely inflate the total price of your surgery.

Many clinics offer easy financing options to patients in order to help them pay for their penis enlargement surgery.

They present the option of a payment plan that can assist you in paying the cost in simple instalments.

Again, you should discuss this with your doctor at length, since each clinic has its own financing policies.

These are a few of things that you should discuss with your surgeon before going under the knife.

This will help you become aware of any additional charges or expenses included in the final cost of penis enlargement.

They present the option of a payment plan that can assist you in paying the cost in simple instalments.

Again, you should discuss this with your doctor at length, since each clinic has its own financing policies.

These are a few of things that you should discuss with your surgeon before going under the knife.

This will help you become aware of any additional charges or expenses included in the final cost of penis enlargement.

What To Expect Before And During The Surgery

before during surgery

So, you have finally decided to go for penile enhancement surgery.

Keep in mind that there are many factors to consider, aside from the cost, before you can go through this type of procedure.

Prior to the operation, you must:

Provide A Detailed Description Of Your Medical History

medical record history

This means past and present health conditions, allergies and other special needs.

This way, the doctor can gauge whether you are fit for this type of procedure and avoid any possible complications during the surgery.

Talk About Your Concerns And Questions Regarding This Option.

consult doctor

Talk to your doctor and gather as many information as you can to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

At the same time, talk to him about your expectations and preferred “size,” so your doctor will know what and how to do it.

Take Photographs For The Penile Enlargement Before And After Comparison.

no drugs

This way, you will be able to see whether the penis enlargement surgery added a few inches to your size or not.

Aside from this, take this opportunity to gauge whether the doctor you are eyeing for is trustworthy and reliable.

If he cannot clearly explain to you the difference between the procedures or cannot even answer your questions, move on to the next one.

You might be wasting your time and money for someone who is not even worth it.

Before the surgery, make sure you are healthy and well rested.

Avoid drugs, smoking and alcohol, since it will affect your system in a big way and the last thing you need is complications during or after the surgery.

The procedure itself will take a maximum of four hours to complete in an outpatient basis.

The doctor performs it under local anesthetic that you get right before the procedure.

At the same time, your genital area will be shaved, so your doctor can easily perform the procedure.

If you have not yet been circumcised, circumcision has to be performed as well to avoid side effects such as swelling of the foreskin.

What To Expect After Penis Enlargement Surgery: 8 Post-Surgical Tips

post after surgery

Apparently, going home from the surgery is not the end of your penile enhancement quest.

It is normal to feel excited, try out your new manhood and get back to your normal activities.

However, there are precautions you need to take to make sure there are no complications after the surgery.

Here is a list of what you need to do and will be asked to do after the procedure.

Get Some Rest

resting sleeping

You will need to take a full rest for a week to allow yourself to recover from the surgery.

So, don’t rush to get back to work.

You’ll have plenty of time for that later.

Take Painkillers

medicine painkiller syringe

It’s going to help you a lot in managing pain, especially when your pain tolerance is low.

Watch Out For Any “Unusual” Effects

man in pain

There is a possibility of bleeding, infection, nerve damage or sudden increase in pain after surgery.

If you noticed something unusual, contact your doctor immediately.

Stay Away From Exercise Or Physical Activities In The Meantime

man rest relax

It takes at least three weeks to a month before you can hit the gym again.

Again, your body needs to recover first.

Don’t Rush Sex

don't rush sex

Trying out your new and improved merchandise may be on top of your list after surgery.

Again, take it slow.

Chances are your penis may not work as you expected if you rush to get back to the bedroom.

If you chose the fat transfer method, you can have sex after a week.

However, other methods such as penile lengthening will mean no sex for a month.

Give Your Penis A Massage Everyday

massage penis lotion

This can help you avoid asymmetry and prevent the lumps from forming.

Don’t forget to use oil or lotion, so it will be easier for you as you massage it.

Use A Penis Extender

extended penis

Most doctors will recommend you to use a penis extender after the procedure, while some will not.

Penis extenders after the surgery can help you gain maximum length.

However, if your doctor advised you not to use one, then don’t.

Be Patient

penis size length

You might expect a bigger and longer penis immediately after the procedure.

However, it does not work that way.

According to a premiere plastic surgeon that specializes in this field, it will take three to six months before you can see the penile enlargement before and after results.

So, don’t be surprised if you see that you did not “grow” down there and just be patient.

Are There Any Other Safe Alternative?

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Rather than paying the huge penis enlargement cost for surgery, consider other affordable and less risky options.

There are many natural male enlargement supplements available on the market, and combined with natural male enhancement supplements, they work wonders!

We have dedicated a special edition on male enhancement, which discusses the various male enhancement techniques available to you.

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emergency ambulance

As you know by now, male enhancement surgery brings life-threatening risks.

It is an invasive process, mainly to the penis.

So, surgery should be your very last option, choosing safer methods that are proven, safe and effective is highly advisable.