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Health Benefits Of Sex: Why Sex Is Good?

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Humans need food, clothing and shelter in order to live.

Aside from that, there are other needs in order to be healthy in a holistic manner, like the love of a significant other, friends and family, and sex.

That is why when your libido starts to diminish; you need to find out how to get your sex drive back.

The importance of sexual activity varies between gender and age.

In general, this act creates a bond and provides physical pleasure to each person.

Surprisingly, other benefits to the mind and body exist.

Is A Sexual Act Lustful Or Respectable?

couple in love

Although not spelled out as S-E-X, this kind of activity happens in many places.

Products like cigarette and liquor sell like hot-dogs in part because of that sultry and alluring woman in the ads.

Many songs that become hits have sexual content, obvious or in-obvious it may be.

Sex, at many times, has been depicted in a malicious and lustful manner.

However, it is supposed to be a precious act shared by two people who love each other.

In fact, in Christian beliefs, it is one of the two holy institutions made and blessed by God in the Garden of Eden.

Here are some interesting reasons why many men and women have negative notions about this deed:

  • Conservative cultures and traditions influence views in matters like sex

  • Some people engage in such acts at too young of an age.

    They end up in either early pregnancy or early marriage.

  • Many individuals have forgotten the real essence of sex.

    In many places and age groups, it is just an activity to do with any random person; a person whose name you forget in the morning.

  • Sex with just anybody, especially unprotected contact has been a major reason for the rampant spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), like herpes and syphilis.

  • Some religions and cultures discourage or even prohibit sex outside marriage.

It is the intentions of the heart that makes something either truthful or deceitful.

Drugs are only bad when overused or not used for healing purposes.

The same is true with sex.

It is only a negative when a person acts irresponsibly, like cheating or developing an addiction to sex.

Health Benefits Of Sex To Both Men And Women

healthy benefits of sex

Procreation, coitus, sexual intercourse – these words have the same meaning and involve the same actions.

The primary purpose of sex is to create offspring and to multiply.

For many people, the ideal set-up is sex should be done only within the marriage bed.

Many men and women, however, have various views.

There are those who prefer to stay in one place and live together without tying the knot.

Of course sexual activity comes with this arrangement.

This, they say, would save them from the woes of divorce should the relationship not work out well.

More than giving pleasure to the doers, sex is a need, something a person needs to satisfy, according to Maslow.

In addition, this bedroom deed has health benefits:

Keeps the immune system strong

immune system strong

According to a study at Pennsylvania’s Wikes University, those who have sex one or two times a week have higher levels of a special antibody that protects them from viruses, germs and other agents that can make humans sick.

Lowers blood pressure

lower blood pressure

According to the Amai Wellness’ medical director, Dr. Joseph Pinzone, a certain study found that sex, not masturbation, decreased the systolic pressure of blood.

Lower risks for heart attack

heart attack

A certain study discovered that men who had sex not less than two times a week were less likely to die from a disease of the heart by 50 percent.

A good form of exercise


It burns around five calories per minute.

Makes the skin look healthy and young

healthy young skin

The activity improves the blood flow which gives the person an afterglow.

Makes the hair look good

healthy hair

A research showed that those who have satisfying sex life have lush and healthy hair.

Ease stress and relieve pain.

happy stress free man

Sexual arousal and orgasm allows the body to release certain hormones that will block pain and make the person feel better and happy.

Improves sleep.

sleep better

After sexual activity, prolactin is released.

This hormone makes one feel relaxed and sleepy.

Improves bladder control of women.

healthy mind body sex

While in men, frequent sex can lower the risk for prostate problems.

More than giving you a good feeling, sex plays an important role in the upkeep of a healthy mind and body.

Learn how to get your sex drive back and achieve holistic wellness in a pleasurable way.

Everyone deserves to feel great, both physically and mentally.

Improve your libido, and you’ll also improve your overall health.